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A Couple of Good New Shows

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Two new shows are on BBC that are pretty good.


is about what look to be cell phone pictures from the future appearing at the lab of a solar astronomer of some kind.
He contacts the police, and they end up trying to prevent the disasters predicted by the pictures.

It seems to be a mini-series with only 5 episodes, but I’m not sure.


is about a group of young offendors doing community service.
Thanks to a freak lightning storm, they (and many others in the area) are given special abilities.
Yes, it’s another “Heroes”-inspired show.
But the kids in this one would never be seen on mainstram US TV.
There’s no end of sexual innuendo, foul language and bad behaviour. It’s great!

Books to read

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I’m finding it harder to find good hard SF books to read.
One recent “find” was Charles Stross, a friend of Cory’s who he’s worked with.

I’m just going to put a list of books to look into here, possibly updating it over the next while.

  • Charles Stross, “Saturn’s Children”
  • John Varley, “Mammoth”

Saturn's Children

I guess this would be an ideal opportunity to use my Amazon Associates thingee, but I’d have to dig it up out of email. Ah well.
Here are Amazon.ca links:
Saturn’s Children.