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2014 Toronto Ward 22 Trustees

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I didn’t know much of anything about the trustees up for election on Monday. Then I ran into two great sites.

Every Candidate             Position Primer

Using these sites, I build up a quick list of info for the candidates of ward 22. I hope it’s useful for people.


Name Twitter Facebook Phone email (+misc)
Robin Wright @wright4trustee wright4trustee 416-799-0660 roxannewright4trustee@gmail.com
Glenn Kitchen @elect_glenn JerryChadwickforTrustee 647-268-1074 glennkitchen@bell.net
Joseph Khargie @JosephKhargie JosephKhargie 647-338-5484 josephkhargie@gmail.com
Jerry Chadwick @jerryward22 JerryChadwickforTrustee 416-453-4003 jerryfortrustee@gmail.com
web site
Robert Marshall @RMarshallRyerso 416-399-8780 rmarshallryerson@gmail.com
web site   youtube