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Dinner out and a movie

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The Thirsty Bear
Last night all the OSAF’ers headed down the street to the Thirsty Bear for dinner, drinks, and shooting a little pool.

For some reason we decided that Jeffrey should try on different glasses, including some shades that made him look like one of Agent Smith’s men.

Jeffrey trying to keep a straight face

Agent Jeffrey

Afterwards a small group of us (Bear, Bryan, Jeffrey and myself) headed off the the IMAX theatre in the Metreon to see “V for Vendetta”.
My expectations were somewhat low for V, as I am a huge fan of Alan Moore’s original graphic novel os the same name, and Moore had his name removed from the movie’s credits.

Nonetheless, or perhaps because of this, my expectations were handily exceeded.
Overall, despite quite large variances from the original story, I felt that the movie was true to the spirit of Moore’s work.
The movie’s climax works really well because it plays the the strength of the film medium, which wouldn’t work in a comic.

Flying to San Francisco

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I visited four airports last night.
I started in Toronto, went to
then to Las Vegas,
and finally to San Francisco.

plane to Pittsburgh

I have created
a set on Flickr
for your enjoyment, to which I will be adding more pictures during the week.

[For those that notice and actually care, yes, I am putting Flickr pictures directly in my blog.
This goes against my ideal of keeping my blog archivable, but I will try to remember to fix this when I get back.]

Chandler deadline + bad back

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Last night I was
working on Chandler
(to get something committed before the code freeze today),
and doing laundry at the same time.
Unfortunately, while throwing some wet/damp sheets across the room into the dryer, I managed to do something bad to my back.


So today I am all set up in the bedroom upstairs, with my laptop and gear for my one-on-one with Philippe at 2pm (in a few minutes) as well as a bottle of Diet Coke and some sesame seeds. Mmmm.

I am sitting in our wonderful, comfy chair-and-½ which seems to have pretty good lower-back support, with my legs up and the phone within easy reach.
Hopefully the back will be all better by the time I fly to SF this coming Sunday.


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Democracry TV Viewer

is an open-source app for subscribing to TV shows via RSS and downloading them via BitTorrent.
It’s written in Python and uses PyObjC and Boost (a cool C++ library, which supplements STL).

A blurb from
the current
readme for the OS X build

You’ll need Pyrex, PyObjC and Boost to compile DTV. We use these for
linking to C, Objective C, and C++ code. And you’ll need Python 2.4 or

At least as of 1.3.7, the prebuilt PyObjC binaries do not have proper
Quicktime support, so you’ll have to build from source. Download and untar:

I find it quite funny that I find out this way that Mitch Kapor is involved.
Mitch is also behind the project I’m working on,

One thing the Democracy guys are doing that I wish we were doing is
using Trac for everything.
I mean, Bugzilla is nice and all, but it’s very 1990’s in a lot of ways, and will probably never make up for that.

Chandler 0.6.1 released

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Today OSAF released Chandler 0.6.1, an update to its “experimentally usable” calendar.
This release fixes a number of bugs that prevented some of our users from downloading
and experimenting with the application.
The fixes addressed bugs preventing certain calendars from being imported, some sharing errors,
and addressing a number of items that support the developer community.
A more comprehensive summary and be found in the
0.6.1 Fixed Bugs wiki page.

Woo hoo! Get yours now:

[Chandler dmg for Mac OS X]
[Chandler rpm for Linux i386]

More info on

My Chandler Bugs

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my bugzilla

My customized view of Bugzilla
(click to see larger image)

So I am back to working with Bugzilla.
When I last worked with it, I immediately edited the code to make the display a lot more compact.
If you
see my bug list “naked”,
you will see how ponderous and bulky it is.
Compare to my “streamlined” and colour-coded version.
Nice, eh?

This time, however, I did not have to edit the code.
No, thanks to my increased knowledge of CSS I was able to do this locally, by using a custom personal style sheet in my browser.
Most browsers have these, although almost nobody uses them, even IE for Windows.
They can also help block ads, too.
If you are using Firefox, there is a style sheet goodie that prevents all Flash obejcts from loading.
If you want to see the Flash, just click on the object and you will be asked “Are you sure?” before loading.
Pretty nifty.

If you want a copy, here you go.
Please let me know if you find it useful or, even better, have any improvements.