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TV shows tonight

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show list
shows on tonight – click for large

Wow, quite a few shows on TV tonight.

Until recently I used the site
TV Rage
to have a calendar showing upcoming shows.
But then they changed their APIs to not include iCalendar data. 🙁

The place I found out about TV Rage,
TV Calendar says it also uses,
so maybe they have iCalendar data I can use?

Worst case I can write a quick CGI script to read XML from TVRage and convert it to iCalendar on the fly.

Seems like a lot of work to go to though..

So, along with the screenshotted shows…

  • House
  • Greek
  • Gossip Girl
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • 24
  • Heroes
  • Saving Grace
  • Medium

there were some others!

  • My Boys (back for seaon 3!)
  • The Listener (new show)
  • Castle (new show)

So wow, that’s like 12 shows!
Which is good because the rest of the week is pretty bleak until Friday..

“Southland Tales”

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Southland Tales

I just saw “Southland Tales” which is a mind-warping SF movie.
It reminded me of “Charlie Jade”, “Repo Man” and “Johnnie Darko” (the last makes sense since it’s the same director).
But before you see it, be sure to read parts 1 to 3 in graphics novel format first.
The movie starts with “Part IV”.

It has some surprising names, for such an unseen movie.
Sarah Michelle Gellar (“Buffy”), Dwayne Johnson (“The Rock”), John Larroquette, Christopher Lambert, and Jon Lovitz.
There is a bizarre musical in the middle starring Justin Timberlake, who plays a minor character.

Missing my mini-FireWire cable!

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stack o videos
stack o’ videos – click for readable text!

So the deal is, if I transfer all our old 8mm videos to DVD/DivX, then we can buy a new HD video camera.

Cool, thinks I, all I need to do is borrow Vartan’s 8mm videocamera, which has FireWire out, making digitization a snap!

Vartans videocamera
Vartans videocamera

So I pick up the camera from Vartan Friday night, and tonight I try to set it up, only to discover that.. I can’t find my mini-FireWire cable!
You see, the videocamera has this teeny-tiny FireWire jack.

mini-FireWire jack
mini-FireWire jack

I have lots of full FireWire cables, but I think I may have lent out my mini-FireWire cable. 🙁

If you have such a cable I could borrow, or you have one of mine, let me know!
I’ll try asking at Friday night gaming, if I remember.
I guess I could always buy one while I’m in San Francisco next week..

Bad Movie Trailer Unicode

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what are those characters before the ©?

I was watching some movie trailers:
Iron Man,
The Last Legion,
Lions For Lambs,
Right at Your Door,
and The Signal.

At the end of “Exiled”, I noticed something funny in the end credits, as you can see to the right.


Btw, I heartily recommend the “Iron Man” trailer. Yes, they used the Black Sabbath song.

“The Last Legion” looks really good, and I was susprised to see
Colin Firth
Ben Kingsley
were in it.

“War” and “Exiled” look to be two good martial arts action movies.
I suspect the former will be more in the impossibly-good category,
while the latter has more of a “Reservoir Dogs” feel to it.