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Computer Predicitions for Sep 1 2015

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We are having an interesting discussion at gaming tonight about the trajectory of the computer market. Iain and I are arguing that Windows PC’s are being squeezed out by tablets running iOS or Android. Tom and John argue that Windows dominates the workplace. John goes so far as to say he knows of *no* company that uses tablets.

Thus this post, where we will predict the market share of Windows PC’s in 3 years [Aug 2015].

I will go first and say that Windows will have 1/2 the market share it has now. Further, in the workplace it will have 2/3rds of its current market share. I will further predict that Windows will be relegated to 3rd place in market share in 4 years [Aug 2016].

John agrees with my 1/2 market share overall, but says 3/4 in the workplace. John thinks it will take 20 years [Aug 2032] before Windows is in 3rd place of market share.

Iain says non-Windows computers (which includes tablets but excludes phones) will be 40% of the market in 3 years [Aug 2015].

Tom says in three years there will be 3/4 the number of desktop PC’s (i.e. not tablets). This includes laptops as a “desktop PC”. He also says the absolute number of PC’s running Windows will only drop a little bit, say by 15%. The share of tablets sold in that year will be 50% and desktops+laptops at 50%.

Jeff includes smartphones and predicts tablets + smartphones will be [… Bueller?]

Vartan says the market share of PCs (vs tablets+smartphones) will be more than 1% in 3 years [Aug 2015]. The absolute number of PC users will be about the same.

Note: we all agree to allow MS Surface (remember those?) to be included as Windows PC’s, even the ARM ones.

April 23rd is Download Day

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I seem to be downloading a couple of Gigs of stuff this morning.
First off is
Ubuntu 9.04,
which was released today.
I am grabbing both the “desktop” and “server” editions.
I plan on using the server edition when I rebuild Tnir.

Next up is
and this time there are Cocoa, 64-bit Binaries for Mac OS X
(last time, with 4.5, you had to compile it yourself to get 64-bit goodness).
But you have to dig around to get them.
Here are the links to save people some trouble.

If you want to debug, you should get both the normal and debug libraries.
And the debug libraries are huge compared with non-debug.

Apple TV Hacking: success!

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I managed to get ssh working at last.
And then I tried to
enable USB storage,
but that was a mistake.
I thought it meant I could plug in a USB drive and the Apple TV would play content off of it.
But no, it meant rebuilding the kernel so that any USB drive plugged in to the Apple TV would have its main disk copied to it.

The idea is that this external, much larger disk will be the new boot volume.
But that’s not what I wanted at all.
So the Apple TV got stuck, so .. I reset to factory settings (that’s a brilliant option, btw).

So, I know I can do it now.
The scripts “out there” are pretty rough and tumble.
I’m thinking I may create a Mac OS X 10.4.9 partition on my Mac Pro, just so that I can copy over all the missing frameworks and libraries so that I can get things like wget to work..


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MacHeist App List

Well, with Macworld looming this week, there are lots of promotions out there.
I just bought a MacHeist bundle of several small apps.

I bought it for a few reasons:

  1. There are at least two really good apps, and one (Pixelmator) I’ve been curious about)
  2. A percentage of the price goes to a charity of my choice
  3. It’s pretty cheap for all those apps ($50)

Update (2008-01-16): the last app, Pixelmator, was unlocked only a day after I got the bundle, so now I am a completely happy camper..


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Today’s SourceForge newsletter mentioned a project I hadn’t heard of before,

A quick trip to the OpenProj SourceForge page later,
and I realized another big Microsoft app had an open source replacement: MS Project.

it’s written in Java, and there is no Mac-specific distribution, so I grabbed the
OS-independent zip
and just double-clicked the .jar file, which worked fine.
Apparently it can read and write MS Project files too.

I didn’t do much more than create a document and save it, but I’m hoping this will be a useful tool for free software projects all over.


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looks like an interesting alternative to Skype for online meetings/chats.
If someone else could create an account and let me chat with them to try it out, I would appreciate it.

Thoughts going out today to Peter and Laura and especially Jon.