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vidcast of a drive to work

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This is amazing.
Someone who drives from San Francisco to Apple and back each day is putting up
time lapse video
recorded looking out from the front window.

There is one entry where he speeds up the camera to normal for about 20 seconds as he passes
a care on fire.
Someone points out
that we now know where the cummter lives.
We can probably figure out when he is speeding and stuff too.

An interesting experiment in privacy.

I like how the sun glints off the lens in certain bits.

via TUAW

Ronnie on the piano

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Here is a
23 MB mp3 file
of our living room this afternoon, while Ronnie was practicing his piano.
It’s unedited, so you get to hear some conversation in the living room, too.
I kinda recorded it for my Mom, and I’ll give her the link in email too (not sure how often she reads this blog), so there are a couple of “Hi Grandma Celie”s in there. 🙂

CBC Radio Begins Podcasting

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Tod Maffin
writes that CBC will begin podcasting two radio shows:
Quirks and Quarks
and his own
/Nerd show.

This is *great* news.
I used to listen to Quirks and Quarks religiously, and even had a cron script that fired up to download the latest mp3 version for me.
However, the URL changed (which I updated) and then I reinstalled my OS and didn’t get around to re-setting-up the scripts so.. I haven’t listened for a while.

Having a defined means by which one can automatically download scheduled shows is a BIG step forward.