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Computer Predicitions for Sep 1 2015

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We are having an interesting discussion at gaming tonight about the trajectory of the computer market. Iain and I are arguing that Windows PC’s are being squeezed out by tablets running iOS or Android. Tom and John argue that Windows dominates the workplace. John goes so far as to say he knows of *no* company that uses tablets.

Thus this post, where we will predict the market share of Windows PC’s in 3 years [Aug 2015].

I will go first and say that Windows will have 1/2 the market share it has now. Further, in the workplace it will have 2/3rds of its current market share. I will further predict that Windows will be relegated to 3rd place in market share in 4 years [Aug 2016].

John agrees with my 1/2 market share overall, but says 3/4 in the workplace. John thinks it will take 20 years [Aug 2032] before Windows is in 3rd place of market share.

Iain says non-Windows computers (which includes tablets but excludes phones) will be 40% of the market in 3 years [Aug 2015].

Tom says in three years there will be 3/4 the number of desktop PC’s (i.e. not tablets). This includes laptops as a “desktop PC”. He also says the absolute number of PC’s running Windows will only drop a little bit, say by 15%. The share of tablets sold in that year will be 50% and desktops+laptops at 50%.

Jeff includes smartphones and predicts tablets + smartphones will be [… Bueller?]

Vartan says the market share of PCs (vs tablets+smartphones) will be more than 1% in 3 years [Aug 2015]. The absolute number of PC users will be about the same.

Note: we all agree to allow MS Surface (remember those?) to be included as Windows PC’s, even the ARM ones.

Chandler Goodbyes

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A lot of people are saying their good-byes in email to everyone.
An “alumni” mailing list has been set up to keep in touch.
This seems like the civilized way things end.

I feel a bit guilty (but not much) because my last day is Jan 31, not today like many others.
But I, too, will be moving on.

Given the small world that is software development, I expect I will run across many people over the years.
That’s one thing that Facebook and LinkedIn are good for — keeping in contact.

Alias get-together, and music

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cest what
Lisa, me, Bob, Tom and Moira

I went downtown to ¿C’est What? last night to meet up with Maria and several other Alias folk.
Since Alias was swallowed whole by Autodesk a while back, I guess we were all ex-Alians..

While talking about what people are doing, someone mentioned Chris and Anita’s catamaran, which led to finding their web page about their year-long journey:

It would be cool to do an video iChat with Chris and Anita from ¿C’est What? some time..

Then today I ran across a haunting song that I’m sure I’ve heard before and like very, very much:

It’s CC licensed, which is cool, and probably why I’ve heard it before.
I think it was used as the soundtrack to a YouTube video or something similar that I saw.


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BoardGameGeek Con!

Michael and I are headed down to Fort Worth, Texas for the
2007 BGG Con!

We leave on a 1:45pm flight tomorrow and return Sunday night.
Jeff and Scott left this morning, and we’ll meet up with them there.

Last year Jeff and John went and came back with some excellent games.
Hopefully something similar will happen this year.

Also, with the 91¢ US dollar, we can go shopping at Fry’s Electronics!

Sick again, sick again, jigeddy-jig

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What a great Fathers Day present, eh? Bleaugh

To offset this, my new 17″ Hi-res MacBook Pro arrived today (Monday).
Love the bright, bright screen.
Much brighter than my old 17″ 1.6GHz PowerBook, which will now be taken to Europe by Michael for four weeks.

The built-in iSight camera is surprisingly good!
It seems to handle the low light conditions of m basement much, much better than either of my standalone iSight cameras do.

is in Toronto this week and I’m hoping to get together.
Until recently, she was my fellow Toronto-ite at OSAF.

Iain’s photos
continue to amaze me.
He has an excellent eye for angles and lighting that capture the imagination.

Ok, time to have some chicken noodle soup.
Too bad all I have is Campbell’s, and not Lipton.