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I did something to my leg.
No idea how. Maybe the long-ish bike rider over the weekend?

Whatever the reason, it’s now hard to walk.
I may have to take time off work to let it heal, or something.

Sat around all weekend at Tony’s cottage up near Minden feeling about as useful as a doorstop.
Managed to get 2/3 of the way through “The Bourne Identity” though.
The book is very different from the movie.
And still good!

I was amazed that I actually managed to get an EDGE internet connection up there.

Ronnie starts D&D camp at the ROM today.
He’s loaded to bear with his Warcraft III Monster Manual and bag o’ dice (my bag o’ dice, actually).

Moments in Time

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This week marks Ronnie and Michael’s respective graduations.
Ronnie from Grade 8, Michael from Grade 12.

Next year they both head out to new schools, and both of them will be taking the TTC instead of walking to school.
They’ll both be in classes with completely new people, almost all of whom they don’t know.

This week was the last time both of them will be seeing many of their schoolmates.
And yet, they’re both somewhat unaware of all this.
mentioned Michael’s reaction,
and Ronnie’s — although perhaps a bit more elequent — hasn’t been much different.

I suppose it’s often the case that you can be unaware of some large changes when they resemble other, smaller changes that have gone before.
Ronnie and Michael are used to starting summer vacation.
It’s the end of that vacation that will really be different.

New DVD drive: combo HD-DVD/Blu-ray?

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So I’ve been burning DVDs on my Mac Pro to free up disk space.
Leopard requires I wipe my hard drive (more on why later perhaps), so I need to vacate my main partition.
This means I often leave discs burning late at night when I go to bed.
When Toast finished burning a DVD, it opens the DVD tray with your shiny, newly-burned DVD.

Luisa is up early in the morning, and now that I’ve taken over her office, she likes to use my Mac.
It has Firefox, so she’s at home browsing the web, reading gmail, etc.
But yesterday morning, when she got up to leave, her knee smashed into the open DVD tray.

So, I’m down one DVD burner.
Not too bad, since my Mac has two (it’s a Mac Pro).
So, it’s time to shop for a new one.

Canada Computers has the
LG GGC-H20L Blu-Ray HD DVD Combo Drive
for sale at $294.
But I would only be able to watch Blu-ray and HD-DVD movies in Windows, since I don’t think Mac OS X supports it yet.
It also doesn’t *burn* either Blu-ray or HD-DVD.
So, .. is it worth it?


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BoardGameGeek Con!

Michael and I are headed down to Fort Worth, Texas for the
2007 BGG Con!

We leave on a 1:45pm flight tomorrow and return Sunday night.
Jeff and Scott left this morning, and we’ll meet up with them there.

Last year Jeff and John went and came back with some excellent games.
Hopefully something similar will happen this year.

Also, with the 91ร‚ยข US dollar, we can go shopping at Fry’s Electronics!

Norman Jewison and my Grandma

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I found out last night that my Grandmother, Evelyn Ellis, knew Norman Jewison’s family and used to visit.
Apparently she would stay over sometimes; and when she did, Norman would have to give up his bed (in the living room) so she could sleep there.

Poor little Normie.
Hope she didn’t put him out too much.

Missing my mini-FireWire cable!

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stack o videos
stack o’ videos – click for readable text!

So the deal is, if I transfer all our old 8mm videos to DVD/DivX, then we can buy a new HD video camera.

Cool, thinks I, all I need to do is borrow Vartan’s 8mm videocamera, which has FireWire out, making digitization a snap!

Vartans videocamera
Vartans videocamera

So I pick up the camera from Vartan Friday night, and tonight I try to set it up, only to discover that.. I can’t find my mini-FireWire cable!
You see, the videocamera has this teeny-tiny FireWire jack.

mini-FireWire jack
mini-FireWire jack

I have lots of full FireWire cables, but I think I may have lent out my mini-FireWire cable. ๐Ÿ™

If you have such a cable I could borrow, or you have one of mine, let me know!
I’ll try asking at Friday night gaming, if I remember.
I guess I could always buy one while I’m in San Francisco next week..

Tree down

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Tree down!

So we’re a bit tight for time today, what with Ronnie’s Mirror flyers not showing up until 11pm last night, and neeeding to shower and pack to leave for Tony’s cottage by 7pm or so..

So what happens?

One of our Birch trees in the front yard decides to come down!


Old Family Video

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I did this video in 2001 using a still-in-development version of VideoWave. It automatically sensed the timing of the music and selected clips to play in time with it. Notice how it changes as the music gets faster and slower.

Oh, and that was the year we had a ladybug infestation, thus the film of ladybugs..