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Imperial Asia

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The rondel I’ve done so far for our version
of “Imperial Asia”. Click for larger image.

We play a lot of
on Friday nights at boardgaming, and recently we tried a new map someone came up with called
“Imperial Asia”.

It’s nice, but the quality of the map left something to be desired,
so I have embarked on the task of doing another one.
Should be fun!

So to this point, I’ve got a general map of the area and an almost-finished rondel,
which you see to the right.
Below is a mockup of the map, which is still in the process of being traced out in Illustrator.

click for larger version


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I did something to my leg.
No idea how. Maybe the long-ish bike rider over the weekend?

Whatever the reason, it’s now hard to walk.
I may have to take time off work to let it heal, or something.

Sat around all weekend at Tony’s cottage up near Minden feeling about as useful as a doorstop.
Managed to get 2/3 of the way through “The Bourne Identity” though.
The book is very different from the movie.
And still good!

I was amazed that I actually managed to get an EDGE internet connection up there.

Ronnie starts D&D camp at the ROM today.
He’s loaded to bear with his Warcraft III Monster Manual and bag o’ dice (my bag o’ dice, actually).

Unreal Tournament 3 Demo

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the demo is out!

I’m grabbing it from the “Yahoo Games” link on File Radar, and it’s a blazing fast download (~400k/s).

Anyone up for trying it out online?

Some gaming folk wanted to have an old-school “Unreal Tournament” game (the original) this holiday.
Maybe we can play this too/instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

Quake Wars seemed to come and go without much comment.
We bought Michael a copy at the same time as picking up 3 copies of Orange Box for Michael, Ronnie and myself.
Michael played it for a little while but much prefers Orange Box.

Of course, now that we picked up the Xbox360 game Assassin’s Creed over the weekend, Quake Wars is relegated to dust-gathering.

Ronnie is still looking forward to Spore, but has learned that release dates are fraught with peril.


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BoardGameGeek Con!

Michael and I are headed down to Fort Worth, Texas for the
2007 BGG Con!

We leave on a 1:45pm flight tomorrow and return Sunday night.
Jeff and Scott left this morning, and we’ll meet up with them there.

Last year Jeff and John went and came back with some excellent games.
Hopefully something similar will happen this year.

Also, with the 91ร‚ยข US dollar, we can go shopping at Fry’s Electronics!