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A Couple of Good New Shows

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Two new shows are on BBC that are pretty good.


is about what look to be cell phone pictures from the future appearing at the lab of a solar astronomer of some kind.
He contacts the police, and they end up trying to prevent the disasters predicted by the pictures.

It seems to be a mini-series with only 5 episodes, but I’m not sure.


is about a group of young offendors doing community service.
Thanks to a freak lightning storm, they (and many others in the area) are given special abilities.
Yes, it’s another “Heroes”-inspired show.
But the kids in this one would never be seen on mainstram US TV.
There’s no end of sexual innuendo, foul language and bad behaviour. It’s great!

Yet More Medical TV Shows

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With the passing of shows (some of which we wish hadn’t passed) comes new shows.
I grabbed a few recently and here’s what I thought of them.

Nurse Jackie
Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie

Mrs. Soprano strikes out as a not-even-remotely-perfect nurse at a hospital.
She swears, takes pain drugs for her back (shades of House) and has sex with doctors.
But unlike House or Grey’s Anatomy, this show has a much grittier, more real feel to it.
So far though, I’m not sure if that aspect is adding to or subtracting from the show’s appeal.

Edie Falco
is a very strong actress, and I could understand why she might want to have a dark, gritty, and above all *serious* show.
But she also has a comedic side, and that is completely smothered by the cynical realism of this show.

Royal Pains
Royal Pains

Royal Pains

I’ve seen all of 10 minutes of this show so far, but it’s yet another doctor show.
I’m getting tired of doctor shows, but Mark Feuerstein
is keeping my interest (so far).’

We’ll have to see where this one goes.

TV shows tonight

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show list
shows on tonight – click for large

Wow, quite a few shows on TV tonight.

Until recently I used the site
TV Rage
to have a calendar showing upcoming shows.
But then they changed their APIs to not include iCalendar data. 🙁

The place I found out about TV Rage,
TV Calendar says it also uses,
so maybe they have iCalendar data I can use?

Worst case I can write a quick CGI script to read XML from TVRage and convert it to iCalendar on the fly.

Seems like a lot of work to go to though..

So, along with the screenshotted shows…

  • House
  • Greek
  • Gossip Girl
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • 24
  • Heroes
  • Saving Grace
  • Medium

there were some others!

  • My Boys (back for seaon 3!)
  • The Listener (new show)
  • Castle (new show)

So wow, that’s like 12 shows!
Which is good because the rest of the week is pretty bleak until Friday..

Books to read

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I’m finding it harder to find good hard SF books to read.
One recent “find” was Charles Stross, a friend of Cory’s who he’s worked with.

I’m just going to put a list of books to look into here, possibly updating it over the next while.

  • Charles Stross, “Saturn’s Children”
  • John Varley, “Mammoth”

Saturn's Children

I guess this would be an ideal opportunity to use my Amazon Associates thingee, but I’d have to dig it up out of email. Ah well.
Here are links:
Saturn’s Children.

Imperial Asia

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The rondel I’ve done so far for our version
of “Imperial Asia”. Click for larger image.

We play a lot of
on Friday nights at boardgaming, and recently we tried a new map someone came up with called
“Imperial Asia”.

It’s nice, but the quality of the map left something to be desired,
so I have embarked on the task of doing another one.
Should be fun!

So to this point, I’ve got a general map of the area and an almost-finished rondel,
which you see to the right.
Below is a mockup of the map, which is still in the process of being traced out in Illustrator.

click for larger version


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I did something to my leg.
No idea how. Maybe the long-ish bike rider over the weekend?

Whatever the reason, it’s now hard to walk.
I may have to take time off work to let it heal, or something.

Sat around all weekend at Tony’s cottage up near Minden feeling about as useful as a doorstop.
Managed to get 2/3 of the way through “The Bourne Identity” though.
The book is very different from the movie.
And still good!

I was amazed that I actually managed to get an EDGE internet connection up there.

Ronnie starts D&D camp at the ROM today.
He’s loaded to bear with his Warcraft III Monster Manual and bag o’ dice (my bag o’ dice, actually).

“Southland Tales”

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Southland Tales

I just saw “Southland Tales” which is a mind-warping SF movie.
It reminded me of “Charlie Jade”, “Repo Man” and “Johnnie Darko” (the last makes sense since it’s the same director).
But before you see it, be sure to read parts 1 to 3 in graphics novel format first.
The movie starts with “Part IV”.

It has some surprising names, for such an unseen movie.
Sarah Michelle Gellar (“Buffy”), Dwayne Johnson (“The Rock”), John Larroquette, Christopher Lambert, and Jon Lovitz.
There is a bizarre musical in the middle starring Justin Timberlake, who plays a minor character.