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There is a new book that could be as important as
Version Control with Subversion
was several years ago.
It’s called Pro Git,
and the source for the book is available on

Another item of note is an online
Settlers of Cataan dice-rolling app
that Vartan should like, since it keeps track of how many of each roll there has been.
However, it does not track who rolled what each turn, so perhaps not quite up to scratch. 🙂

Then there’s two sites for Mac OS X users who like the QuickLook feature:
QuickLook Plugins
Between the two of them you should be able to hit spacebar with a huge variety of files.

Finally I’ll mention
the Google Maps API V3,
because it has lots of stuff in it aimed at mobile devices (specifically iPhone, Android).
The major feature is going to be how fast it loads up.
I can attest to the fact that V2 does take a long time sometimes on the iPhone.


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