Success! ASUS A7N8X + terabyte hard drive

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Tnir, my household Linux box, has been down for a couple of weeks now.
I hit a bit of a roadblock when the motherboard erfused to recognize a new hard drive I had bought.
It was too big — 1 TB (which is 1000 GB, or perhaps 1024 if you’re a programmer, or 999 if you’re a sales droid).

So I did my usual check for a new BIOS, which would normally fix things.
There was a moderately new BIOS, only a few months younger than the one I had, but installing it had no effect.
Still no drive.

After googling around I ran across
an article
that laid out all the steps I had to take, which included creating my own BIOS. Egad.

That scared me a bit, so I put it off for a while.

But today I tried again, and realized that the BIOS is really like a zip file, with a bunch of other little files in it, and I was just replacing the (SATA) disk part with a new version.
And sure ernough, I got my new drive listed, with 938 GB (damn those marketing droids!)

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