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Getting tired of people screwing this up.
Especially people who should know better.

On either “This Week in Tech” or “MacBreak Weekly” (I don’t remember which)
the participants were constantly *incorrectly* saying “1080p” when describing all sorts of cameras.
The cameras they were talking about are all unable to do 1080p, at least at 60 frames per second (fps).

All of the cameras, however, can do 1080i.
That one letter makes all the difference.
‘i’ stands for “interlace”, which means it only records every other line.
I like to call 1080i “squished 540p”, since that’s how many scan lines are recorded.

Some cameras can record at a slower number of frames per second.
e.g. the Canon I want to get can record at 30 fps and 24 fps.
At both of these speeds it may be able to record at 1080p.
However, since 1080p implies 60 fps, it would be better to include the frame rate somehow,
and call it something like 1080@30p (I think I’ve seen that notation somewhere).

The only video cameras that can do 1080@60p are very expensive.
Over $5,000.

Well, not counting
the new stuff from Red
coming out tomorrow.
That might be a game-changer.
At least I hope so..


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