Imperial Asia

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The rondel I’ve done so far for our version
of “Imperial Asia”. Click for larger image.

We play a lot of
on Friday nights at boardgaming, and recently we tried a new map someone came up with called
“Imperial Asia”.

It’s nice, but the quality of the map left something to be desired,
so I have embarked on the task of doing another one.
Should be fun!

So to this point, I’ve got a general map of the area and an almost-finished rondel,
which you see to the right.
Below is a mockup of the map, which is still in the process of being traced out in Illustrator.

click for larger version

3 comments on “Imperial Asia

  1. Korak

    Hey, looks good – what resolution did you shoot the original board with (just wondering about the blurriness) – excellent rondel – oh, by the way, clicking on the map only gave me a similar sized map – I had to guess to delete ‘-small’ from the URL to see the large version. Looking forward to Imperial Asia!

  2. rae Post author

    You’re right – I left the “-small” in there by mistake. All fixed now.

    I shot the original board just holding my Lumix above it in not-good light, so the exposure was slow and my hand probably shook. Not the best shooting conditions.

    I’ve been thinking of getting my own copy of Imperial, and then I could shoot the original board. But I’m wary of infringing copyright..

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