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It seems that (a) Apple is pissed at Rogers data plans and is limiting its shipments of iPhones to Canada as a result, and (b) Rogers will let you buy an iPhone on your existing plan, without a data plan.

Now, *I* would think that you would have to pay a higher price for the iPhone, since Rogers is subsidizing them with their onerous data plans, but Sergey says that you will still be able to pay the $200/$300 prices. We will see, I suppose.

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2 comments on “iPhone Updates

  1. Jeff K

    Rogers is a progressive well-run company. In the past, businesses paid these rates and funded the build out of the system. If you have patience and are not driven by the media hype, you will see, over time, that this is true. All these sites with “f rogers” and such are put together by rank morons. There is a better way. I cancelled my Telus account over high data rates, they didn’t give a sh*t, but you watch, Roger’s does *not need* cancellations to actually do something.

  2. Jeff K

    f-roger’s indeed. I bought RCI.B the instant the “cave” news (bs) came out and am up 1% in 10 minutes. Woohoo!!! I reserve the right to dump on the slightest downturn, by the way, the markets in general are not very stable, it seems.

    Roger’s f-websites: F YOU!!!! Hope you had fun shorting the stock for 2 whole days! HAHAHAHAHA!

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