Moments in Time

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This week marks Ronnie and Michael’s respective graduations.
Ronnie from Grade 8, Michael from Grade 12.

Next year they both head out to new schools, and both of them will be taking the TTC instead of walking to school.
They’ll both be in classes with completely new people, almost all of whom they don’t know.

This week was the last time both of them will be seeing many of their schoolmates.
And yet, they’re both somewhat unaware of all this.
mentioned Michael’s reaction,
and Ronnie’s — although perhaps a bit more elequent — hasn’t been much different.

I suppose it’s often the case that you can be unaware of some large changes when they resemble other, smaller changes that have gone before.
Ronnie and Michael are used to starting summer vacation.
It’s the end of that vacation that will really be different.


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