Most Romantic Books

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Not sure how I got there, but
this page
has a list of people saying what their favorite romantic books are.

A quick Perl script later, and here are the top books with the number of people on that page that mentioned them:

15 Gone With the Wind
15 The Bridges of Madison County
12 The Thorn Birds
11 The Notebook
8 Outlander
5 Wuthering Heights
3 A Knight in Shining Armor
3 Jane Eyre
3 Pride and Prejudice
3 Whitney, My Love
2 A Farewell to Arms
2 A Town Like Alice
2 Cyrano de Bergerac
2 Five Smooth Stones
2 Green Mansions
2 Joy in the Morning
2 Katherine
2 Love Story
2 Rebecca
2 The Flame and the Flower

So there you go.


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  1. Jeff K

    Apparently 90% of porn is purchased by men and 98% of romance novels by women because of the different modes of arousal. However, “Gone With The Wind” as a romance? Some dipstick Southern Belle missing the point of the collapse of an empire, the suffering, burning of Atlanta and lawlessness? This is not romance. It is an alpha-male book. A romance book is something like ‘101 Erotic Bedtime stories’.

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