Toronto Fire

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Queen Street fire
Queen Street fire, courtesy drpitch

There is a 6-alarm fire on the south side of Queen Street, east of Bathurst.
Lots of coverage, with crap from mainstream news sources:

Excellent stuff from local Toronto blogs:

Spooky Google Ad words on these sites include:

Fire Fighter Training
3 month NFPA Accredited
Program Emergency
Services Academy Ltd.

I’m trying to elucidate exactly what it is that makes the blogs better than the news sites.
I think it’s mostly presentation and the much larger, clearer photos.
Also the language is more down-to-earth and less “newsy”.

Also the use of:

  1. updates with new info
  2. community photos from Flickr
  3. community comments on the article page

really make a huge difference.
Also the use of actually useful links like the Toronto Fire Services’
Active Incidents page
stands out.

the Net.

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  1. Dave Delaney

    Thanks a million for the link love to my blog. I simply think it is the personality of bloggers who can make news stories more compelling. I don’t blog about everything that happens in Toronto, far from it, especially since I now live in Nashville, TN.

    However, if I do blog about Toronto it’s going to be about something that is important to me. Suspect Video and Queen & Bathurst in general are two things that are just that.


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