Unreal Tournament 3 Demo

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the demo is out!

I’m grabbing it from the “Yahoo Games” link on File Radar, and it’s a blazing fast download (~400k/s).

Anyone up for trying it out online?

Some gaming folk wanted to have an old-school “Unreal Tournament” game (the original) this holiday.
Maybe we can play this too/instead. 🙂

Quake Wars seemed to come and go without much comment.
We bought Michael a copy at the same time as picking up 3 copies of Orange Box for Michael, Ronnie and myself.
Michael played it for a little while but much prefers Orange Box.

Of course, now that we picked up the Xbox360 game Assassin’s Creed over the weekend, Quake Wars is relegated to dust-gathering.

Ronnie is still looking forward to Spore, but has learned that release dates are fraught with peril.


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  1. rae Post author

    Apparently you also didn’t like Unreal Tournament ]I[. Was there something in particular you didn’t like about it?

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