Crayon Physics

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Just a YouTube post. How cool is this?

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2 comments on “Crayon Physics

  1. Jeff K

    If Quake Wars didn’t hold your attention, a tablet PC displaying incorrect physics should keep you entertained for maybe 10 minutes. Then again, the physics they teach in high school is completely wrong anyway. I was into tablet PC’s, then called “Pen Computing” last century… back in ’95. No one seemed to give a hoot then either. It was even on a WiFi network, what 5 years before it became popular/cheap and 2 years before 802.11 became a standard.

  2. Jeff K

    Btw, it is articles like this one which convince me that physicists do actually sit in day cares playing with crayons and actually believe the crap they print. Someone buy these guys some pacifiers.. sheesh. What morons.

    [edited by rae Sun Dec 16 2007: made URL a link, fixed spelling of “passifiers”]

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