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BoardGameGeek Con!

Michael and I are headed down to Fort Worth, Texas for the
2007 BGG Con!

We leave on a 1:45pm flight tomorrow and return Sunday night.
Jeff and Scott left this morning, and we’ll meet up with them there.

Last year Jeff and John went and came back with some excellent games.
Hopefully something similar will happen this year.

Also, with the 91¢ US dollar, we can go shopping at Fry’s Electronics!

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2 comments on “BGG Con

  1. Jeff K

    When the dollar is high like that, I go shopping on the stock market. You might try my approach. When you find the $ is at a level that prompts you to buy something, move that amount from CDN$ to a US$ account, then buy it with a US$ credit card, and then when the bill comes in, pay from the US$ account, in kind. Voila, you pay what you expect and get good rates because none of it is “paper money”.

    Of course, when the dollar is high, I tend to buy shares in stuff, but that’s another story … sigh, everything’s “in a bubble” right now.

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