Way Cool Chandler T-Shirts

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The Chandler team got cool new T-shirts to celebrate the 0.7 release of Chandler:

t-shirt front t-shirt back

Enter the Reid school of design, where T-Shirts are Meant To Be Seen! Or, “how I would have designed the T-shirts” 🙂

t-shirt front t-shirt back

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I'm a long-time Mac and iOS developer. I'm also a big fan of Ruby on Rails and relational databases. I tend to work remotely, in my basement with occasional trips to the office. I'm also a big videophile, both TV and film, and can't wait for a good, inexpensive home 4k solution.

4 comments on “Way Cool Chandler T-Shirts

  1. Luisa

    I like the back of it, but not the front. I prefer the smaller logo on the front.

    Often, people don’t like to advertise by using t-shirts. If it’s too big, you look like a walking bill board.

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