Visiting Fry’s next week

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So while I’m in San Francisco next week, I want to go visit a Fry’s Electronics to both pick up a new phone for home (the Panasonic KX-TG1034s with an extra handset), and to just browse.
There is no store near Toronto like Fry’s.
It’s like Canada Computers on steroids.

On the other hand, maybe there is an electronics place in San Francisco that sells the handsets at the same price and would be much easier to get to.
In order to go to Fry’s I’ll have to take the CalTrain (very similar to Toronto’s GO Trains) to Palo Alto and then
either walk or take a cab for two miles.

If anyone has advice about electronics stores in San Francisco, I would gladly appreciate it!

hardware, Reid.

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  1. wjr

    The Palo Alto Fry’s is in easy walking distance from the California Ave train station. 10 minutes, tops. The Sunnyvale Fry’s is much farther from Caltrain.

  2. rae Post author

    I ended up getting the phone at Best Buy near the 16th & Mission BART station. Then Andrew and I dropped by the Fry’s near him and I got the extra handset. Wooo!

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