Missing my mini-FireWire cable!

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So the deal is, if I transfer all our old 8mm videos to DVD/DivX, then we can buy a new HD video camera.

Cool, thinks I, all I need to do is borrow Vartan’s 8mm videocamera, which has FireWire out, making digitization a snap!

Vartans videocamera
Vartans videocamera

So I pick up the camera from Vartan Friday night, and tonight I try to set it up, only to discover that.. I can’t find my mini-FireWire cable!
You see, the videocamera has this teeny-tiny FireWire jack.

mini-FireWire jack
mini-FireWire jack

I have lots of full FireWire cables, but I think I may have lent out my mini-FireWire cable. 🙁

If you have such a cable I could borrow, or you have one of mine, let me know!
I’ll try asking at Friday night gaming, if I remember.
I guess I could always buy one while I’m in San Francisco next week..

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2 comments on “Missing my mini-FireWire cable!

  1. rae Post author

    Thanks for the offer Walter!

    I ended up getting one from Mark this afternoon. Watch for embarrassing video coming soon to YouTube or something!

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