Bad Movie Trailer Unicode

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what are those characters before the ©?

I was watching some movie trailers:
Iron Man,
The Last Legion,
Lions For Lambs,
Right at Your Door,
and The Signal.

At the end of “Exiled”, I noticed something funny in the end credits, as you can see to the right.


Btw, I heartily recommend the “Iron Man” trailer. Yes, they used the Black Sabbath song.

“The Last Legion” looks really good, and I was susprised to see
Colin Firth
Ben Kingsley
were in it.

“War” and “Exiled” look to be two good martial arts action movies.
I suspect the former will be more in the impossibly-good category,
while the latter has more of a “Reservoir Dogs” feel to it.

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  1. rae Post author

    I am guessing they were the Chinese characters for “Copyright”. To me they look like infinity and a lower-case delta

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