Airport Fun

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Gate 134
Waiting at Gate 134

boingo wireless
“Boingo”? Did Cory start up an ISP?

I’m sitting here at gate 134, with no WiFi because it’s provied by “Boingo Wireless”, and the minimum you can buy is 24 hours for $10.
If they sold 1- or 2-hour chunks for $5 they would be rolling in it, the idiots.

10 bucks a day
Wow $10 for 24 hours!
But I only want 1 hour

For the first time, I got pulled aside at US Customs.
I think my guy was alarmed when I said I was going on business and I would be attending a week of meetings.
He gave me an orange clipboard, and I went into the people-we-think-are-working-illegally waiting room.
Well, it wasn’t called that, but that’s what it felt like.

The lady at the front asked me to put my two index fingers against a biometric fingerprint scanner,
took my passport and boarding pass and asked me to sit down and wait for my name to be called.
She kept the documents, which alarmed me almost as much as taking my fingerprints.
I wonder if there is a mechanism by which I can get my fingerprints expunged.
I doubt it. “Foreigners” have pretty much zero rights in the U.S.

When my name was called I talked to a guy who was clearly zeroing in on my being a salaried employee.
But when I told him that (a) I worked in Toronto, and (b) was incorporated, he calmed way the fuck down.
He said it would be easier if I got a typewritten letter next time clearly delineating the relationship between myself and OSAF.
I dunno, this is the first time it was a hassle of any kind.

So now I am waiting at gate 134 for my flight to San Fran, after having a modest lunch of tuna sushi and a diet coke.
I have a couple of bags of Skittles for the plane, and I found an outlet into which I’ve plugged my laptop, so I’m good to go.

Or sit and wait until 1pm, as it were.

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  1. Harald

    As I said in another context recently, there’s a huge difference between petty bureaucrats, and petty bureaucrats with the force of Law behind them…

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