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Today’s SourceForge newsletter mentioned a project I hadn’t heard of before,

A quick trip to the OpenProj SourceForge page later,
and I realized another big Microsoft app had an open source replacement: MS Project.

it’s written in Java, and there is no Mac-specific distribution, so I grabbed the
OS-independent zip
and just double-clicked the .jar file, which worked fine.
Apparently it can read and write MS Project files too.

I didn’t do much more than create a document and save it, but I’m hoping this will be a useful tool for free software projects all over.

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4 comments on “OpenProj

  1. John Norris

    Replacing Microsoft is going to require all of its major applications to be replaced with more capable free software (not just “open source”) that integrates full featured web services and online Saas applications. In the world where everyone is sharing “files” rather than engaged in many “dialogs” or “collaborations”, MS will continue to win. Only when it’s all dialogues like wikis and SecondLife can MS be eliminated.

    Also there is no good Excel replacement yet. It may be a while before MS is kicked out of the finance department.

    Finally, the various open source alternatives to MS do not integrate well with each other. You might start by making openproj, jabber, PIDGEN and Chandler all work well together on Windows so it’s a single install to get it all working like one application. Most people can’t install a .jar file correctly.

  2. rae Post author

    I tried downloading OpenFlow, and I couldn’t get it to work on my Mac. It’s important for MS Office replacements to be cross-platform, and real apps. Not web apps, as looks to be the case with OpenFlow.

  3. rae Post author

    Xavier: I agree about true Free Software.

    But you can’t expect apps from different places to work together any better than, say, Word and Photoshop.

    As for .jar files, they are double-clickable on Mac OS X. 🙂

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