Avoid Global if you want HD

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Global non-HD
No HD on “Global HD”?

It seems I am not alone
when it comes to my dislike of Global TV over the last couple of weeks.
Global has not been showing programs like
in HD on their HD channels for the last cople of weeks.
As a result, I’ve taken to watching Heroes one hour later (9pm instead of 8pm) on NBC, which *does* show it in HD.

Last night we watched “House” in non-HD on Global HD; next week I will look for an alternate (probably US) channel to get an HD feed.

2007-05-09-1213 Update:
Iain points out that although Global showed “Heroes” in non-HD, a lot of the commercials *were* HD.
The ultimate irony was seeing an ad for bell saying “if you had bell’s HD service you would be watcing the show in HD right now”.

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  1. rae Post author

    For the last four weeks or so, I have been forgoing the Global broadcast of Heroes to watch it on HD-NBC instead. *Much* nicer in full HD! Plus, the season finale was actually on an hour *earlier* on NBC (usually it’s an hour later). Global had moved Heroes from 8pm to 10pm for some reason (holiday weekend in Canada?).

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