William & Mona visit

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Today William, Mona, Iain and Ria came for a visit all the way from Mountain View, California.
They were greeted with [!!]snow, cool temperatures, and a group of friends..

William and Mona

We had alerted people to visit with William, Mona and family, and they descended upon our humble abode.
During the course of this, many pictures were taken.
You can see my pictures either
on tnir,
on Flickr.
You can also see
John’s pictures, and
Debbie’s pictures.


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  1. rae Post author

    I’m happy that so many people could make it. Next time we’ll be sure to have a pop quiz for Mona to see how many names she remembers.

    Maybe we’ll all wear “Hello! My name is ______” tags, and force her to fill them out. Heh heh heh…

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