Went running yesterday

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It was really nice out, so I went for a run yesterday.
Started out warming up with a couple of laps around the track at Laurier, then headed along Guildwood to the path down to the lake shore.

I really like running along the shore of Lake Ontario because of the nice breeze off the lake.
This assumes I am hot from running, which I usually am by the time I get to the lake.

I used the iPod/Nike thing for the second time ever.
The first time was on the cruise ship during March break.
I just stick the tab part under the laces of my right shoe, and keep Luisa’s pink iPod Nano with the pluged-in part in my pocket.

I actually carry my 60 GB iPod in my hand and listen to it while running.
A pox on whomever it was at Apple who decided that hard disk based iPods would not be able to work with the iPod/Nike thing.
Now I end up carrying a whole extra iPod, albeit only a nano.

I posted
several screenshots
of my stats from the two runs to Flickr,
grabbed from the iPod/Nike site.


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