Running out of disk space…

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disk inventory
Disk Inventory X
(click for 1920×1200 version)

Egad, I am running out of disk space.
Where is it all going?


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I'm a long-time Mac and iOS developer. I'm also a big fan of Ruby on Rails and relational databases. I tend to work remotely, in my basement with occasional trips to the office. I'm also a big videophile, both TV and film, and can't wait for a good, inexpensive home 4k solution.

4 comments on “Running out of disk space…

  1. David "Art Critic" Barker

    Wow. That jpeg is almost beautiful. Regardless of what it actually represents in practical terms, you could frame and mount it and call it art.

  2. David "Found Artist" Barker

    I downloaded the Windows version. Wow, unlike most merely practical Windows apps this one is useful AND pretty (and the pretty part is useful too – they designed outside the bollocks)…but with a dumb name.

  3. rae Post author

    Ya, it’s funny that the two programmers of those apps are friends.

    “Hi, I’m a PC programmer. I name my app ‘WinDirStat’ because that’s the Win32 API call it uses.”

    “Hi, I’m a Mac programmer. I called mine ‘Disk Inventory X’ because it gives you an invnetory of what’s on your disk, and, well ‘X’ is cool”.

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