Heroes (spoilers abound)

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Only continue if you don’t mind spoilers… incluing some for Watchmen (soon to be a major motion picture)

Peter’s counter to Syler’s head-slicing attack is brilliant – he just heals! Hah.
The fight was looking to be very interesting until Syler cut it short with flying glass into Peter’s brain.
What I want to know is, after mohinder knocked Syler out, why didn’t he just bash Syler’s brains in right there?

So it seems this is a multi-generational tale.
Linderman has had powers for decades, and used to pal around with a bunch of other powered people.
Something went sour, and now he’s like Watchen’s Ozymandius, plotting to bring the world together via the catastrophe of blowing up New York.

Ya, like 9/11 made the US a nice, friendly place.
I hope the plot isn’t that facile.
I wonder if Linderman’s power allows him to bring back the recently dead?

Peter and Nathan’s Mom was obviously one of these Power People.
Right after she tells them she’s known about their powers longer than they have,
there is a sound like a power activating as we go to the next scene.
I thought she was going to reveal her power.

The Nicki story continue to be on the periphery, but at least Micah may become more involved, with Linderman taking him.

Hiro meeting future-Hiro is brilliant.
I had been commenting to Ronnie during the commercials that
the best thing Hiro could do is go find out as much as possible about the explosion
in the future before returning to the present.
I was just thinking he could go get a newspaper or something,
but running into future-Hiro in Isaac’s former office (complete with the whole timeline laid out)
is even better.

In the teaser for next week’s episode, the very last scene shows Peter telling future-Hiro that they have to go do something.
But is it future-Peter or present-Peter?
My guess is that future-Hiro comes back with present-Hiro, and has not yet experienced his meeting with Peter,
which should make for a fun conversation when Peter tells him about it.

If they do this right, it could have the best elements of “Kingdom Come” (multi-generational heroes) and
“Watchmen” (misguided hero).
Can’t wait to find out.


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5 comments on “Heroes (spoilers abound)

  1. Ronnie Ellis

    i think that it was future peter. i missed it but im just guessing. pretty awesome. only way that can get better is if they merge with Naruto Shippuuden 😀
    i can hope though XD

  2. Ronnie Ellis

    and a question: what happened first, the future hero-peter meeting, or that one right there? think about it..

  3. David "Hero In My Own Mind" Barker

    Suresh didn’t bash in Sylar’s brains because he’s not Sylar.

    And I know what Ando’s power is. Showing up at the right time and in the right place. Maybe that’s two powers.

    How come future-Hiro doesn’t have an accent?

    Excellent episode.

  4. rae Post author

    Suresh had already fired a gun at Sylar with the intent to kill. He *knows* he would be saving lives by killing Sylar, so.. why didn’t he?!?

  5. David "Heroic, Stoic and Barkeroic" Barker

    Because he was more concerned about Peter? Peter and Sylar are alike in their power but completely different as human beings. I think Suresh’s respect for what he thought was Peter’s dead body overrode his desire to off Sylar.

    And the whole Heros gang was on Larry King the other night. Obviously no spoilers and kinda shallow but it was neat seeing them. I’m sorta bummed about Isaac, though. As is the actor.

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