Vacation posts and Twitter updates

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I’ve posted two blog entries I wrote while aboard ship:
A Day at Sea, and
Mayan Ruins.
They don’t have any pictures yet, though.
I may add them later or maybe do a separate post about the pictures.

I posted them with the date when I wrote them, which is why they didn’t appear at the top of the page.
I have no idea how the RSS feeds will react to them!

I have installed the “twitter-tools” WordPress plugin, which amongst other things posts once a day to my blog with all my twitters.
Now you, too, can experience the ephemeral world of twitter by proxy.
Or you can just
visit my Twitter page ☺.

Oh, I’ve also installed a “Show unread comments” plugin.
I think it uses a cookie to show you commetns you haven’t read yet in the side bar there.
When you are reading a post there is a little blocky thingee to the right of each comment to show you its read/unread status.
Hope it’s useful for people.
Let me know!
(Um, by leaving a comment, obviously!)

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