Conflict Notification is In

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So today I landed
bug 5308,
which was the task “Sharing conflict notification UI”.

conflict notification
click for larger version

It is lacking a good graphic for the icon, and it’s not displaying the number of conflicts, but it does okay, I think.

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2 comments on “Conflict Notification is In

  1. aep

    Could you convince them to change from ‘Triage’ to something more friendly like ‘Review’ (and drop the multicoloured recycle icon which has nothing to do with triaging besides having 3 sides.) Oh, and make the red a bit less annoying, perhaps by using a gradient.

  2. rae Post author

    “Review” isn’t an accurate description of what that button does. It cycles the when-to-deal-with-this teim from “Now” to “Later” to “Done” and back to “Now” again.

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