A Day at Sea

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Luisa had an early breakfast and attended two shopping-in-Mexico orientation sessions.
I think only one of them was useful though.
The kids and I had breakfast, where we discovered chocolate milk!
Ronnie didn’t like it, alas.

Ronnie and I went in one of the four hottubs followed by a refreshing swim in the much cooler, asalt-water pool.
It was quite the sensation, as the ship was sailing with a pronounced rocking motion,
and so the pool was sloshing fore and aft while we were in it.
The pool was very obviously designed with this in mind, since it had an unusually large gap from the water surface to the deck.
All in all, it was just like being in a wave pool.
Quite fun!

Later, Luisa and I went to listen to Paul(?) Dunn playing guitar and singing Beatles songs.
He had stories for every song, and remarked on how the copyright for the songs was reverting to the original authors soon.

Luisa and I went to see the comedy act, but the people around us were pretty loud and it wasn’t very enjoyable for that reason.


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    Hey, how dare this thing change my colon-dash-capital-D ascii art into a no-sensitivity-to-internet-history gif? Hmph.

  2. rae Post author

    Actually, I’ve been trying to figure out how to turn that bloody thing off! I may have to edit PHP code to do it. Hope not.

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