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I’ve been using Twitter to post day-to-day small stuff, but I’ve decided that I think I’m going to do that with my blog.
So there may be more text-only postings without pictures etc.

It’s a big pain still to include pictures with blog postings, given that I don’t just want to use Flickr (since one day I won’t pay for it, and I want these blog postings to be archivable).

We just got back from CostCo where we bought a new membership for the third time in a decade.
Ronnie and I needed new glasses, so it was worth it.
While we were there we got a monster Roast Beef for later in the week, as well as an iPod dockable speaker thing so that Luisa can listen to her new pink iPod in the kitchen.

It’s funny – Luisa has been kind of “against” iPods for a long time.
Even when we were looking at them in flyers etc, she was wondering why anyone would ever spend $250 on a 4GB iPod nano when a 30 GB iPod was only $300.
Then she saw them and held them in her hands.

“Oh, it’s pink!” she exclaimed. “And so *small*.” So, we got one. Hah.


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  1. Debbie

    I saw Twitter mentioned in BSAG but am afraid of trying it in case it becomes a time vampire. You have a point about Flickr, but so far it’s the only service I’ve found that’s so easy to use (e.g. minimum of tendinitis-inducing typing/clicking) and that others find easy to use as well (to access private photos).

    It would be nice to keep my blog pictures archivable but I’m willing to live with the fact they may not be forever. If you find another easy way to include pics with blog postings, I’d be interested in hearing about it.

    What on earth is a MONSTER roast beef?

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