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I spent the week last week in San Francisco, working at OSAF HQ during the week.
As always, it was a lot of fun, and this time, the walk from the hotel to work was fraught with peril.

I stayed at the Hotel Fusion, which is two blocks from the Apple Store on Ellis Street, off of Market (the main drag in SF).
So my first hurdle is to walk past the downtown SF Apple Store without going in.
Once on Market, a couple of stoplights away is CompUSA.
And this CompUSA has a big Apple section.
Oh, joy!
And this CompUSA had a way, way bigger selection of computers, accessories and peripherals than any Future Shop, Best Buy or Compu-Smart in Toronto.

At this point, I’m about ½ of the way to OSAF.
But the path is not clear yet!

There is a store around 2nd and Market that I think is called “Jeffrey’s” or maybe “Jeffrey’s Toys”.
I remarked on it at first because I thought it was funny to see the name “Jeffrey” displayed so prominently close to OSAF because one of my OSAF buddies is Jeffrey H.
But on the way back on my first work day, I decided to wander in and check it out.
Bad news!

From the outside it looked like it had the usual assortment of novelties and games.
Yo-yo’s, frisbees, Monopoly, etc.
But then I found a small section filled with .. German Boardgames.
On that day, that’s as far as I got.
I spent about ½ hour just delving over the assortment of games they had to see if I wanted to buy one.
I managed to make my saving throw though and me and my wallet left unscathed.

But I was definitely going to return.

And I did, the next day, again on the way back to the hotel.
But this time, I decided to explore further in.
I had seen people holding magazines and I thought I would check out the magazine rack.
The store goes pretty deep into the building!

I walk back to the slightly darker area in behind the cashiers, only to find.. comics!
Lots and lots and lots of comics!!

Now, I’m a comic collector from way back.
Since I was 8, in fact.
Just ask Luisa about when we were house-hunting a decade ago, asking if the basement had enough room to store 43 4-foot long boxes of comics.
Yes, 43.

So here we have not just a few comics, like you might see in a variety store (US translation: liquor store).
No, here we have all the new titles separated by publisher.
DC, Marvel, and the rest.
Plus a section for recently-released stuff (older than a week),
and the usual boxes of back issues (roughly older than a month).

My main worry once I was finished spending money was how I would fit it into my luggage to get home!
I thought I had already exhausted all my extra space with all the books I had bought a block from the hotel!

I should put up some pictures I took of the books and comics spread out on my hotel bed.
I’m such a nerd.

Just doing my bit to help the San Francisco/US economy!

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