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This week is Macworld, and tomorrow at 9:30am PST is the keynote, given by Steve Jobs.
Jeff, Iain and I got on iChat and video-chatted about what might be revealed.

Common wisdom says an 8-core Mac Pro will be announced, but what else?

I told them about and they both have accounts now.
You can see mine at
I should change the picture; it’s kind of big.

Twitter is half way between a blog post and an instant message (IM).
It has the permanancy of a blog post, but the ephemeral quality of an IM.
It kind of reminds me of FORUM on the Dec-10 back in the 1980’s.

My favorite Twitter feature is that I have added Twitter to my AIM buddy list, and I can just send an IM to it and it updates my Twitter web page.
You can set up Twitter to IM you when a friend updates, but that can be irritating.
I have it off right now, but I might turn it on tomorrow when the keynote is on in case anyone is updating
the Macworld twitter group
with keynote news.


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