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Late on Friday afternoon our internet service went down.
It’s still down now, but I can access our ISP’s site at least, from which I got a phone number.
I called and an automated (but constantly-cutting-out) voice semi-squaked that service was out for many customers in southern Ontario, and that the office is open on Saturdays at 10am.
I stopped listening at that point since I now knew when to call back.

Our ISP is (mostly)
It’s kind of weird.
We’re also under and
When gave up on its residential DSL service in August of 2006, the company in control of our destiny was never quite clear.
CyberSurf was mentioned prominently in related email, but the company itself is very minimalistic online.
At some point I was redirected to 3Web, which seems to be some sort of joint Rogers/Bell thing, offering both DSL and Cable high-speed access.

Ah well, hopefully it will be all sorted by tomorrow.
We’ll see.

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  1. Harald

    Cybersurf is also operating as “” (cybersurf internet access”. cia is a “trade name” of 3web, which is a subsidiary of cybersurf (who are also in the cheap long distance business)).

    IGS does appear to be a separate company; maybe they’re currently buying their access from cybersurf?

    Ah. If I click on signup, I get redirected to a page that says “if you’re interested in Glen-net communications, worldchat, igs, or iospehere high-speed internet access, you are now being redirected to an all new, simple to use sign-up page” and then it takes you to the sign-up page.

    iosphere is a Ottawa/Carleton dialup provider. Glen-net is an “Eastern Ontario” provider. worldchat is a corporate service provider. All three are now subsidiarys of cybersurf.

    IGS and WorldChat also have the “avalonworks” logo on their web pages, which is another Ottawa area consulting company.

    Looks like there is some complicated M&A activity here…

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