I’m in San Francisco this week

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OSAF is having one of its week-long get-togethers this week.
It’s kind of a “sprint”, but not really.

After I got off the plane, I did my usual transit to downtown via BART.
While waiting for the train, who should walk down the escalator but Jeffrey!

Jeffrey on the train

He ended up feeling sick today and didn’t come to work.
Hope I don’t come down with it too!
The meeting-of-people was complete when I ran into Ted and Robin on the way in to OSAF this morning.
I had gone to CompUSA to exchange a Logitech headset (hope the new one works), and we had taken completely different paths from our hotel to OSAF.

I am staying at the Hotel Fusion, and it’s one of the smallest rooms I’ve ever had.

Hotel Fusion room #1

The funny thing is, I really like the room!
It has a fridge, an HDTV, ethernet connectivity, and a desk for my Powerbook.
I don’t really need anything else.

Hotel Fusion room #2

Well, okay, a comfy chair to sit in and read my book would be nice.
But just look at all the connectors the HDTV has!
Next time I will bring my DVI-to-HDMI cable and RCA audio jacks so I can use the HDTV as a second monitor for my Powerbook!

Hotel Fusion TV

Ya, I broke my own usual rule about using Flickr pics in my blog.
I’ll try to remember to fix it later.


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