“Available Tomorrow on iTunes”

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Dresden Files advertising its presence on iTunes
Dresden Files advertising its upcoming presence on iTunes

I was watching the new show “The Dresden Files” (which is pretty good, btw) when something unexpected came up.
SciFi is constantly putting annoying promos in the bottom banner of the screen during a show, and I can usually ignore them,
but this one had this large, light grey element that caught my eye.
Especially the white logo inside it.

It’s the first time I’ve seen a TV show advertise the fact that the episode currently running would be available for purchase the next day on iTunes.
Makes me wonder if anyone paid for the promo, since it’s in the interests of both Apple *and* SciFi, maybe not.


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  1. David "Dresden File Folder" Barker

    I’m not impressed so far. It seems pretty run of the mill for a show about a wizard (who killed his own uncle) on retainer to the Chicago Police Department who has a symbol-etched skull where a thousand year old ghost-familiar lives.

    Seen it a dozen times.

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