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Scott and I were looking at groups.google.com, finding far-back references to ourselves.
My earliest mention seems to be in net.jokes on “Thurs, Oct 31 1985 7:33 pm”.
Scott’s was in comp.sys.mac.programmer, of all places, on “Sun, May 23 1993 12:47 pm”.

I love the signature:

Reid Ellis       "Roads? Where we're going, who needs _roads_?"
This message brought to you courtesy of the Poslfit Committee

Ahh, good old bang-paths.
Who needs silly little “@” signs.
I wonder if the bang-path syntax still works?

5 comments on “Oldest posts

  1. Harald

    They used to have much older data… I remember tracking down my oldest online post to the late 80s, when I was working at DCIEM, but it’s not in the search results now.

  2. John Chew

    My earliest is a posting to tor.general Wed, Oct 24 1984 3:02 pm explaining to Henry Spencer how to set your phone ringing by dialling 41091 or 577-xxxx. The post is so old… (how old is it?) I had no signature, and all six messages in the thread were courteous, useful and on topic.

    By Mon, Nov 19 1984, when I made my next post, on net.jokes, I had a signature and it looked like this:

    this message has been brought to you by the poslfit committee.

    university of toronto computing services john j. chew, iii

    By 1992, I had switched to the following .sig, which I still think is my funniest one.

    john j. chew, iii / department of mathematics / university of toronto
    poslfit@gpu.utcs.utoronto.ca / poslfit@utorgpu.bitnet / jjchew@math.toronto.edu
    “My Canada includes… a Lebesgue non-measurable subset.”

  3. Reid

    Just edited the content a bit to fix some formatting. Sorry if it causes it to appear in the RSS feed as a new post or something,

  4. Phil Selby

    Oh boy! Talk about a “blast from the past!” I was attempting to find one of the original maps of the Internet when I came upon this link. It takes me “way back when” as I recall the zoology department at the University of Toronto and Henry Spencer ( I used to work at U of T.) And the Defense and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine up at Downsview, where I was sent when in the Canadian Forces Naval Reserves.
    Nice to know that I’m not alone in remembering all this good stuff!

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