DisasterLand – Ronnie’s project

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DL Back
logo for back of shirt

Ronnie has been working on a project where he and two friends from school have to design a theme park centered around disasters.

Today we helped him design T-shirt logos.
The one below is for the front of the shirt at the top right, while the one to the right is for the back of the shirt.

DL Front
logo for front of shirt

It’s been a bit of a struggle to get the group of them to finish the project.
There is certainly bit of a do-what-you-need-to-consider-yourself-finished mentality about the whole thing.
It doesn’t help that the teacher’s “rubric” (sp?) on the back of the sheet is to vague, un-concrete (“Shows some understanding of ideas and information”) and inexplicably referring to something called a “product”.
(“Develops a relistic product with limited effectiveness”)
It’s like it was for another project and was cut-and-pasted for this one.

I can get better rubrics at teach-nology, which I just found via Google.

family, Reid.

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  1. Jeff K

    The only thing I can think of is that if it is not a very meaningful exercise, then the kids learn what workplace “work” is like. Then again, who wants a government job anyway? 🙂

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