Chandler 0.7alpha4 released

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Chandler by OSAF

The latest version of the open source application I work on is available for free download.

I think I might try to get Luisa to use this version so we can share a calendar.

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I'm a long-time Mac and iOS developer. I'm also a big fan of Ruby on Rails and relational databases. I tend to work remotely, in my basement with occasional trips to the office. I'm also a big videophile, both TV and film, and can't wait for a good, inexpensive home 4k solution.

2 comments on “Chandler 0.7alpha4 released

  1. D "BeatTheSystem" B

    I tried Chandler on a P3 equivalent running W2K and it’s just a little slow to load but it works.

    PFS, why is there a limit on the characters I can input as my name when I leave a comment?

    David “Question Authority!” Barker

  2. rae Post author

    I didn’t think there was. Maybe it’s this theme? I should work on the site. Luisa says it’s not very nice looking. 🙂

    But at least it’s a liquid layout, which is very important to me!

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