Watch Space Channel's Battlestar Galactica promo, even if you have a Mac

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BSG Season 3 promo
Space’s BSG season3 promo

I have a Mac, and I find The Space Channel’s use of Windows media very frustrating.
However, the flip side is that, with

installed, I can actually save online content that Windows users cannot.

For instance, this link
to Space’s HypaSpace Battlestar Galactica season 3 promo opens up in a QuickTime window, and after the download is finished, I can save that movie to my disk, to be played whenever I want.

I don’t think Windows users can do that with streaming wmv content, so it takes away a little bit of the pain of browsing in a Windows website.

Space is showing the Season 3 premiere on Saturday, one day behind the SciFi channel in the US.
The one-day lag means most people will watch the BitTorrent version.
Especially since Space isn’t HD yet.

I would expect HR versions to be online by around midnight, with
versions within a week, as is typical.
I’ve heard that because BCE
(which owns
it’s unlike that Space will be in HD any time soon.
Not sure why the latter follows from the former, but oh well.

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2 comments on “Watch Space Channel's Battlestar Galactica promo, even if you have a Mac

  1. Antonio

    I was able to check out the promo spot with Flip4Mac…works great. I recorded the episode on my DISH DVR, but have not watched it yet. Today I’m getting the HD dvr from dish…wonder if the SciFi channel broadcasts BG in HD….hope so.

  2. rae Post author

    As far as I know, SciFi does not do HD.

    There are rumours that Galactica is moving from SciFi to NBC. This is good and bad. The good part of it is that NBC *does* do HD. And hopefully they would show all the old episodes (in HD) as well..

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