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In this Web2.0 world, it isn’t often that a site impresses me.

Jamendo is basically a site for free music, shared under
Creative Commons
i.e. legal free music.

album mouseover

However, not only is the licensing forward-looking, but the implementation of the site itself is impressive.
I was first struck by the registration, which instead of bringing up a new page, threw up a translucent dialog over the web page.
Very slick.

Then, when I was browsing the site, I noticed a decided low number of page refreshes, which indicates a large amount of
at work.
Moving your mouse over an album displays a nice popup of available options.

Also, and more remarkably, the number of albums displayed in a row changes
(e.g. before and
as you make your window wider and narrower.
You expect this kind of UI from a desktop app, but not from a web app.
Makes for a very smooth experience.

The music player embedded in the page is *not* done with flash.
Indeed, the lack of Flash shows how you can make an impressive site without resorting to proprietary code.
Very cool.

They also have
an API
for getting at all the data stored on the site, including “recent” information.
There are both simple URLs you can use that return text, and XML-RPC calls you can make.
e.g. All albums by Ehma.

Oh, and did I mention that all downloads are done with BitTorrent (or eMule, another p2p thing)? 🙂

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