Tanya's TV Show is in production!

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Christina Fox
Christina Fox
as Vicki
Kyle Schmidt
Kyle Schmidt
as Henry Fitzroy
Dylan Neal
Dylan Neal
as Mike Celucci

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Tanya finally broke the news about the TV show based on her book series!

The show is (currently) called
Blood Ties“,
and stars
Christina Cox
(The Chronicles of Riddick,
as Vicki,
Kyle Schmid
(The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants)
as the 470-year-old Henry Fitzroy,
Dylan Neal from
Dawson’s Creek
(and Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers)
as Mike Celluci (no relation).
Luisa thinks he doesn’t look Italian enough. Heh.

Gina Holden
will be playing a character I honestly don’t remember from the books – Coreen, Viki’s assistant.

The Vancouver TV machine keeps on chugging!
These should be on Space next fall (2007).

The title of the show may change.
I hope not.
I like it!

entertainment, friends.

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