RoadTrip videos, day 1

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I can’t upload them all, because of YouTube’s 100 MB upload limit. So here are the biggest that are under 100 MB.

Iain and Reid discover the Mustang’s roof doesn’t retract!

Our faith in the GPS is shaken… in San Mateo

We arrive at Google headquarters and drive around. Not much talking in this one. Kinda windy at first, but it gets quieter.

A demonstration of Iain’s GPS Lady.

More GPS fiddling

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3 comments on “RoadTrip videos, day 1

  1. wjr

    You gotta tell me when you’re coming through – I could have taken you inside those Google buildings. Where you’d have seen the awe-inspiring cubicles from which the plans for World Domination are hatched. You could have seen the World Domination plan whiteboard too…

  2. wjr

    And I just saw what thinks my email address is, so maybe you did send something there but I can’t get to it. Updated address is in the meta-information for this comment.

  3. David "Catching Up On The Road Worriers" Barker

    So where are Butch and Sundance now? (Thelmus & Louis?)

    Mapquest and Michelin!

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