Battlestar Galactica – season 3 episode titles

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Found this .. somewhere.

Upcoming episodes:

Episode# Title Air date
3×01 Occupation Fri Oct 6, 2006
3×02 Precipice Fri Oct 13, 2006
3×03 Exodus Fri Oct 20, 2006

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3 comments on “Battlestar Galactica – season 3 episode titles

  1. David "Barkerstar Barklactica" Barker

    Woohoo! I’m already running those episodes in my head, totally made up, of course, based on those titles and that second season finale!

    I also have my own private BSG fansite in my head. You should see the flame wars!

  2. rae Post author

    Update from a Sci Fi Wire posting:

    fresh material in the form of specially filmed “webisodes,” Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance, will air on SCIFI.COM’s SCI FI Pulse broadband network twice weekly, starting Sept. 5.


  3. Battlestar Fan

    There are more episode titles available now. I have really been loving the new season thus far! I am hearing there is a new spinoff coming called Caprica as well, but nothing definate so far i’ve heard.

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