World Cup Zidane Head-Butt

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Well, that
very long,
did it?

[I’ll try to getting around to posting about our just-ended week in Wasaga today, really I will]

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2 comments on “World Cup Zidane Head-Butt

  1. Jeff K

    Saturday it was wall-to-wall people in Wasaga Beach. Even the usually sedate beach 2 had just a little room for us for a game of catch with a screaming Vortex “football”. I continued to ignore the World Cup. Didn’t see 1 full minute of any game. I read a Robert Anton Wilson book while on the beach, and then later a WWI biplane flew by. Clearly I had entered the wrong reality tunnel, somehow. Sunday the streets in Markham were remarkably clear of people during the game. We went and picked raspberries, and discovered shortly after that that a vendor at the Markham ribfest had given us a conterfeit $10 on Friday. It looked a little bit fishy, but most of the security features had been duplicated. I wonder if its a left-over in circulation from that ring that got busted last month in Markham.

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